Gas Log



  Record Fuel Consumption and More
  This application can keep a record of how much money you are spending on fuel,
the miles you have done and your car’s fuel consumption.
  IMPORTANT !!!!!!
  a) If there is something missing or something that you want to have in the
application, before you send a negative review, email for a change request @
.b) The car’s consumption can ONLY, be computed correctly, when you fill up the
tank of your car.

DO NOT believe what other applications claim about computing the MPG of a car
without always filling up.

For example:

Always stop filling the tank when you hear/feel the 1st click, this is because
the fuel has reached the nozzle level when it is fully inserted.


  Other specs:
  • backup/restore functionality
  • export it to CSV file and open it from your home computer
  • in kilometers and miles
  • change font size and overall look
  • pre fills fields for fast logging
  • simplified input, by only entering 3 numbers


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