Kitchen Max

Kitchen Max is a software specialized in business with delivery through phone and/or internet.

It supports all the main features:

  • Swap ingredients
  • Toppings
  • Variations
  • Cut in half
  • Notes
  • Discounts
  • “1 free every x” deals
  • Bundle deals
  • Auto-discover bundles
  • Caller ID

  • Customer link to one or more phone-numbers  and addresses
  • Manual food price alteration
  • Different printouts for kitchen and customers
  • Auto-grouping
  • Auto-complete assistant UI
  • Full editable catalog, same for the eShop
  • Fully resizable environment
  • Customer discounts
  • Customer order history
  • and many more

With ALL the features of a fully professional application

Minimum specs:


  • CPU Intel i3
  • RAM 4GB
  • Hard-disk 320GB
  • Touchscreen (optional)
  • 80mm thermal printer
  • Modem 56k with caller ID functionality

KitchenMax e-Shop is a freeware application made with html, php and java.

It only needs 3 steps to have it up and running:

  1. Copy the e-Shop files in your webserver and restore the blank database.
  2. Create your catalog inside KitchenMax.
  3. Click “Synchronize” from KitchenMax.


Online eShops Samples

Latest Changes & Versions

v2.6.1.2 (Latest Beta)

Full Version – Update


  • Default Order Type per User.
  • No grouping between items that has and has not printed



  • For tables orders update kitchen prints only new items with choice from Setup


  • Dish of the day group (DB Update to 17)

v2.5.2.0 (Stable Tested)

Full Version – Update